Growing up totally sucks sometimes. Even though we have the freedom to eat ice cream for breakfast and bingewatch Netflix until 3 a.m., we often find ourselves reminiscing on the good ole days of our worry-free childhood. If you want to bring out your inner child and catch all the nostalgia feels, you have to check out these fun places in North Carolina that will take you down memory lane.

Even if you want to time travel back a few decades, you can totally re-live the days of Grease and the speakeasy era with these super nostalgic spots that will take your mind off the stress of the chaotic present that defines adulthood.

Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre

Price: $8

Address: 3336 Raleigh Rd., Henderson, NC

Why You Should Go: This vintage 1949 drive-in mixes '80s nostalgia with modern day media by playing first-run films in a super retro environment. An added bonus is the snack bar and playground to really take you back.



Price: $5

Address:  606 S Elm St., Greensboro, NC

Why You Should Go: This spunky thrift store turned museum houses rare and whimsical antiques and collectibles from the past 58 years (1939 to 1997). You're bound to find some keepsakes that remind you of your carefree days.


The Land of Oz Theme Park

Price: $27.50

Address: 1007 Beech Mountain Pkwy., Beech Mountain, NC

Why You Should Go: One of our most nostalgic childhood movies of many genres has actually come to life at the Dorothy Wonderland. it's a truly interactive experience complete with character costumes and the famous yellow brick road.


Sliding Rock

Price: Free

Address: U.S. Highways 64 & 276, NC

Why You Should Go: We all loved water slides as a kid and we appreciate nature more as grown-up, so why not combine the two? This hidden gem is a massive rock with water flowing down that'll let you truly unlease your inner kid.


Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

Price: FREE

Address: 301 Goldsboro St. S., Wilson, NC

Why You Should Go: The name itself strikes nostalgia, but the unique attractions will really get you there. The giant, creative wind-powered sculptures will make you feel like a tiny tot in awe. They even host concerts and farmer's markets.


Asheville Pinball Museum

Price: $15

Address: 1 Battle Sq., #1b., Asheville, NC

Why You Should Go: Drink some booze as you revel in your fave childhood pasttime with over 75 classic arcade games and board games.


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