Every small town in North Georgia has a certain charm, character and beauty all wrapped in one. Dillard, Georgia, a tiny town that boasts under 400 people, is no different. When you visit, you'll be surrounded by lush greenery that's even better viewed on horseback. When that horseback riding experience takes you into one North Georgia river, it becomes that much more epic. 

Dillard House Stables allows guests to take a horseback ride through scenic mountain trails that dip into the cool waters of the Little Tennessee River. Even if you're a beginner, you won't be left to fend for yourself during this guided tour. For the more advanced equestrians, your ride will be tailored to fit your skillset. 

While over half of the ride is in water, you'll also have the chance to trot through green pastures and forests, be mesmerized by mountain views and relax with your horsey on the farm. Wildlife is abundant out here, so while you should hold your reigns, we wouldn't blame you if you stop for a photo op. 

Depending on which adventure you choose, you'll be surrounded by mindblowing scenery for one hour or an hour and a half. The shorter adventure is $55, while the longer one is $70. 

If you opt for the hour and a half ride, you'll get to go deeper into the river. You're guaranteed to get wet and your precious horse will likely play in the water. It's an unexpected mix of a fun water and land adventure. 

Dillard House Stables is just one aspect of the much larger Dillard House, an iconic hotel and restaurant in the Little Tennessee River Valley. Outside of providing a place to stay, it's abundant in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, swimming and nature viewing. 

If horses weren't enough for you animals lovers, there's a petting zoo where you can show goats and ponies all your love after your trip. 

This is just one of the gems hidden in the North Georgia mountains. While you're in the area and still looking for some Animal Planet connections, check out the North Georgia Zoo


Dillard Horse Stables 

Price: Rides start at $55

Address: 768 Franklin St, Dillard, GA 30537

Why you need to go: This is one of the only places you'll get to ride horseback with these insane views.



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