If pizza is one of your favorite foods and you're down for a challenge - this is for you. If you've got what it takes to eat pounds upon pounds of cheesy, carb-y goodness, you can complete this massive food challenge. You'll even win money after scarfing down some of the best pizza in Tennessee.

Fox's Pizza Den is a Pennsylvania-based eatery that opened in 1974 and has since spread to several locations across 25 U.S. states including Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Tennessee and more.

Several of the franchises, including the Hendersonville, TN spot, offer a true "go big or go home" mentality with their extreme food challenge called "The Big One."

This ultimate eating contest dares you and one friend to devour a gigantic 30-inch, 12-pound pizza in just one hour. Time flies when you're eating gooey, greasy goodness, so it may be harder than it seems. 

You can customize your enormous pie (which hardly fits on the table) with two meat toppings and four veggies or one meat and two veggies, with exceptions for dietary restrictions.

This delicious race against the clock will earn you and your foodie friend $100 total and you'll get the pizza ($45 value) completely free of charge.

You and your bud will also get a picture with the location's team to be hung on the wall of fame so your legendary win can live on forever.

Plus, you'll gain a lifetime of bragging rights for proving your dedication to pizza.

If you're looking for something smaller scale to enjoy a meal without pushing your limits (or popping your shirt buttons), you can always opt for regular or specialty pies or check out their strombolis, hoagies, "wedgies," salads and more.

Fox's Pizza Den

Price: Free (or $45)

Address: 235 E Main St., Hendersonville, TN

Why You Need To Go: Make plenty of room for pizza because you can win money for stuffing your face full of it with this 12-pound challenge.

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