With the new year comes new holidays and there's always a reason to celebrate. Before the ever holy Valentine's Day comes along, there's the Chinese New Year celebrations. This year, the Chinese New Year 2020 celebrations are happening in East Tennessee and it's going to be a beautifully majestic cultural experience. 

The celebrations of the Chinese new year marks the new year on the tradional Chinese calendar. The celebrations begin on Jan. 17 and lasts until New Year's Eve on Jan. 24.

On New Years Day, Jan. 25, many Asian communities around the world celebrate with a Spring Festival until Feb. 4. From then until Feb. 8 are preparations for and the commencement of the Lantern Festival.

The Chinese New Year will also be celebrated here in Tennessee with the Spring Festival in full effect. The Knoxville Chinese Culture organization will be hosting their Spring Festival on Jan. 26 at the Student Union Auditorium on the University of Tennessee (Knoxville campus). 

This cultural event will be sponsored by over ten Chinese Organizations seeking to keep the culture and traditions of China alive in their local communities.

Tickets are only $5 or $8 (depending on your desired seat) and will include Asian foods, drinks and snacks as festival-goers enjoy performances from The Amazing Chinese Acrobats and concerts from various musical acts (names not yet released). 

Similar to a Cirque Du Soleil, the performances will include various gravity-defying tricks, massive "dragons" dancing AKA Lion Dance and other majestic acts.

Each year is aligned with an animal, as on Chinese zodiac calendar, and 2020 is the year of the rat. The performances and decorations for the Spring and Lantern Festival in February will also be themed by the year of the rat.

To see this amazing show, you can purchase your ticket and choose your seat online. Don't miss this amazing cultural experience. There's so many fun things to do this month in Tennessee, you just got to get out and find them all. 


Chinese New Year Spring Festival 

Price: $5 or $8

When: January 25 @ 3:30 p.m.

Address: 1502 Cumberland Ave., KnoxvilleTN

Why You Need To Go: This cultural experience marks the turn of the new year with special foods, drinks and performances from the Asian community of Tennessee.

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