Valentine's day (or Galentine's day for all the single ladies) is the Hallmark holiday full of gushy love notes, life-sized teddy bears and red roses. It's a little extra if you ask some, especially when you're talking cliches like boxed chocolates and candle-lit dinners. Well now you can totally up your V-day game this year with a scary twist at this Nashville Valentine's Day event. Who would have thought you'd spend the lovey dovey day in a haunted house?

Ditch the Hallmark cards and the Russell Stover chocolates because Nashville Nightmare is here to bring you a new and exciting way to spend V-day with your S/O.

Nashville Nightmare is a year-round haunted house attraction that offers tons of experiences with hyper-realistic themes including The Exorcist, It, and even Krampus during the Christmas season (there's one in NOLA too!)

Put on your big girl pants because you'll be replacing sappy with scary at the "Love Bites" haunted house on Valentine's Day this year. Yes, you guessed it - there will be vampires involved.

Your boo isn't the only one after your heart because these blood-sucking monsters want it just as bad. Be the power couple you're destined to be and ward off these super spooky creatures.

Unleash your inner Elena Gilbert from Vampire Diaries and use your vampire hunting skills to navigate through the interactive exhibit full of blood-thirsty supernatural monsters. Can you make it out alive?

Did we mention the on-site bar and concessions for purchase? You can knock out an entire V-day all in one place.

Located in Madison Square, this not-so-full-of-love fright fest  is the perfect way to show your love with something different.

Info on dates and times is soon to be updated on their site, but you can expect to experience Love Bites on the weekend of Valentine's Day (Feb. 14 and 15).

You'll be saving some serious cash this year because tickets are only $25. Stay tuned on the website because tickets will be available in early 2020.

If you're still feeling the whole 'flowers for V-day' vibe, you can create your own whimsical bouquet at this adorable flower truck roaming Nashville.


Love Bites

Price: TBD

When: TBD

Address: 1016 Madison Square, Madison, TN 37115

Why You Need To Go: Ditch the cliches and do something different this V-day at a super scary haunted house with your gals or bae.

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