Valentine's Day is the kind of holiday that the majority of people try to go all out for, whether it's for your S/O, a budding romance, or even your BFF. Finding something unique to treat whoever you're celebrating the holiday with is especially important, and we have just the place! Three Dudes Winery near Austin is providing goats to cuddle while sipping wine this Valentine's Day and it'll be an incredible evening.

Goat Cuddles and Wine takes place a few times a month at Three Dudes Winery in San Marcos, a short drive from Austin.

Amazingly, the event is being hosted on Valentine's Day from 5:30 to 7 p.m., just in time for the sunset.

Hanging with goats at a winery is easily the perfect plans for your boo or BFF, oh, and the entire evening is 21+ only!

Tickets for Goat Cuddles and Wine are just $20 per person and can be purchased on their website here

The winery has both an indoor and outdoor space for both the goats and you to enjoy. You will get to kick back and relax among the wonderful Texas weather.

As mentioned before, Goat Cuddles and Wine isn't held exclusively on Valentine's Day, in fact, the event is being held a few more times before the holiday.

Goat Cuddles and Wine is taking place on Monday, January 20 and Saturday, February 8.

If your Valentine's Day plans are concrete but this still sounds like something you'd enjoy, you'll have plenty of opportunities to do just that!

Goats are adorable, after all.

And don't forget, White Castle will be in San Antonio this Valentine's Day for even more fun. 

Texas is the place to be this February.

Goat Cuddles and Wine

Price: $20

When: Friday, February 14

Address: 125 Old Martindale Rd, San Marcos, TX

Why You Need To Go: Cuddling with goats at a winery isn't something you can do every day, not even close! But a few times a month this winery makes it possible, and you can actually make them your Valentine's Day plans. 

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