There's no better place to kick back and watch a movie than at a drive-in movie theater. Unfortunately, most cities are lacking in that area and as a result, you're required to drive out of town just to find one. Finally, Austinites no longer have to ride this struggle bus because a drive-in theater opened near Austin earlier this month for its winter season.

The official City of Hutto Twitter account announced in a tweet the opening of The Globe Drive-In on Thursday, January 29.

That same tweet mentioned that the theater would remain open for its winter season until Saturday, February 29.

For you lovebirds out there, that means Valentine's Day showings will most definitely be a thing at The Globe.

Whether you're keeping the drive-in in mind for a date night or just want to come out with your friends, there's plenty of showings to choose from.

As of right now, the drive-in's website has showings with tickets available for Saturday, February 1, Friday, February 7, Saturday, February 8, and Friday, February 14.

The best part, however, is that almost all of the movies being shown are major throwbacks!

The Princess Bride, Jurassic Park, and Mean Girls are just a few of the great classics we all know and love.

If you do plan on making the drive-in your Valentine's Day plans, The Princess Bride and LaLa Land are the classics scheduled for that evening.

That's right, you can purchase tickets for not one, but two showings.

Tickets are sold with the option to either enjoy the movie(s) from your vehicle, or from a viewing area.

If you do plan on watching the movie(s) from your car, a car slot, small or large, must be purchased for $10 in addition to a general admission ticket for $5.

If you'd rather watch from a viewing area, you must purchase a general admission ticket for one or both movies being shown that night.

Each person in your group must purchase tickets individually, rather than one ticket per vehicle.

Hurry and come out before their winter season is over, the theater is less than an hour from Austin!

The Globe Drive-In

Price: 💸💸

When: Now until Saturday, February 29. 

Address: 1001 CR 137, Hutto, TX

Why You Need To Go: A drive-in theater is the perfect place to go on a date or with a group of friends, and this one specializes in showing throwback movies which is even better.

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