With the cast of the live-action Little Mermaid slowly but surely being announced, our minds are solely focused on things that live and quite literally sing, Under the Sea. It's the perfect timing for the 4th Annual Mermaid Aqua Faire to be taking place in a city known for their mermaid pride, San Marcos, Texas. There's a river that runs through a beautiful college campus and for an entire Saturday, it is going to the be home to real, beautiful mermaids! There's so much in store for the faire, missing out on it is out of the question. 

On Saturday, September 21 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., you can join others from all over Texas for a mermaid parade and a massive faire right afterwards. The fun is never-ending in this gorgeous city. All you have to do is register, either on their official Facebook event page or on their Eventbrite page, and you're all set! It's completely and totally free, everyone's favorite type of festivity. 

Thanks to a partnership between Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park, Mermaid Society SMTX and San Marcos Art League, there'll be tons of live music, plenty of shopping and a delicious variety of food to enjoy. Also, seeing mermaids in the beautiful San Marcos river is guranteed! This festival is perfect for all ages, and has so much to do you'll end up spending your entire day there with your friends and family. 

Not only will there be plenty to do, but you'll also learn all about what makes San Marcos so special. There's no other city like it in Texas, which is why there's so many people expected to come out. Be sure to RSVP before August 27, which is when registration for the event ends right at 6 p.m. We can't wait!

4th Annual Mermaid Aqua Faire

Price: Free!

Cuisine: Food trucks and booths

Address: 501 E. Hopkins, San Marcos, Texas 78666

Why you need to go: Who doesn't love any opportunity to dress up as a mermaid? Now you can celebrate and get to know what the city of San Marcos is all about!


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