It's never too early to prepare for Halloween and this year, Arlington is getting an extra treat. Pumpkin Nights are coming to Arlington from October 10 to November 3. This isn't your ordinary glowing pumpkin patch in the Dallas area, the entire thing is a work of art that brings together both the beautiful and the frightening.

The entire thing is about half a mile long and transforms the area into a pumpkin city, made of both real and artificial pumpkins. Some of the surprises you can expect to see include massive dragons made of pumpkins, pumpkin lanterns, and even a pumpkin seesaw. Fair warning, you'll also encounter massive pumpkin spiders so be careful not to get caught in their webs.

Another awesome feature is their Pirates Cove. There you'll have to find your way through an underwater pumpkin wonderland. You'll see giant pumpkin octopus, hidden treasure, and skeleton pirates lighting up the night ready for a fight.

The entire place will have so many pumpkin-made sculptures like palm trees, venus fly traps, and even a wall of hand-carved pumpkins. Visitors will also be able to see fire performers light up the night and trust us, they can handle their fire.

Tickets are just $20 per person and will go on sale soon. Parking is $6 per car and will be located across the street. You will be able to visit from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. every night that it is open.

Pumpkin Nights will be located at Howell Farms on 4016 W Division St. Arlington, TX 76012. For more information on this awesome pumpkin adventure, you can visit their website here.

Pumpkin Nights

Price: $20

When: October 10 - November 3

Address: 4016 W Division St. Arlington, TX 76012

Why You Need To Go: This awesome pop up will have tons of cool and crazy pumpkin art to see and interact with.

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