Finding shady areas to hide from the Texas sun can be kind of tricky depending on your location. There is a magical spot in North Texas that is one of the shadiest spots ever and has tons of historical themed trees. Clark Gardens in Weatherford, Texas has one of the nations largest tree trails you can explore. With over 86 types of trees, there will be no shortage of shade to keep you cool. 

The trees in Clark Garden were all planted around 12 to 15 years ago. Most of their trees represent historical events or figures including icons like Elvis Presley and the Civil War. The trees dedicated to those figures are from their hometowns or from where the big events happened. Each tree has a display that tells the story of where they came from, who or what they represent and why it was chosen.

Aside from the tree trail, the garden has tons of beautiful walkways and they even have a G scale model garden train! The train runs on a 700-foot track that takes over part of the garden passing through a waterfall and under seven-foot high willow trestles. Visitors of the garden often see changes to the track as it is ever evolving.

While they do have guided tours, visitors are more than welcome to explore the gardens themselves. In the winter and summer seasons, guests must call to make appointments ahead of time due to the high number of visitors. They do, however, have an open season from March through July 4th and from August 30th through December 1st where no appointment is necessary. Admission to the garden is only $9.

Clark Garden is located at 567 Maddux Road in Weatherford, Texas. For more information on the garden, you can visit their website here.

Clark Garden

Price: $9

Address: 567 Maddux Road in Weatherford, Texas

Why you need to go: The garden has one of the largest tree trails in the nation! The beautiful sight is definitely not one to miss.


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