Summer in Texas is, in a word, hot. There are those occasional bearable sunny days and on those days we have to take advantage and hit the great outdoors. One of the best places to get out is Eagle Moutain Lake Park in Fort Worth. The park is 8,694 acres and has so much to discover, it'll be hard not to keep going back for more visits.

Inside their Eagle Moutain Park, you'll find 400 acres designated just for hiking. On their trails, you'll find plenty of outlooks and cliffs that give visitors astonishing views of nature. There are several benches hidden in the park where you sit down and have a nice picnic. The trails may be frequented by visitors but there is plenty of wildlife all around so who knows what furry creatures you might run into!

At the lake itself, you can swim, waterboard, and boat. There are vendors inside the park that offer boat rentals and you can take those boats to "Party Cove" where the party never stops! Party Cove is where all the boats happen to hang out, and yes, alcohol is allowed. The giant lake is always the center of the fun and you can pretty much get to any of the smaller lakeside parks from anywhere on the water.

The park is free to enter any day of the week but all restaurants and camping sites are privately owned and will have fees depending on the business themselves.

For more information on all the parks and great activities visitors can do while there, you can visit their informational website here. 

For the best summer day on the water or surrounded by beautiful green nature, you need to check out Eagle Mountain Lake Park soon!

Eagle Moutain Lake Park

Price: Free

Address: Eagle Moutain Lake, Texas

Why you need to go: The park has so much to do including 400 acres to explore during a hike. You can also take a dip in their lake or rent a boat!


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