Ziplining is an amazing experience if you're looking for adventure. Whether you go as a group or for a date, there is something very thrilling about flying through the air that'll get your heart beating. Thomas Falls Zipline and Outdoor Adventure Center lets you have an amazing treetop adventure just like that and it's only right here in Diana, Texas.

Tickets for this fun course start at only $39 per person, which is a bargain considering it is cheaper than many zip courses, lets you fly at 900 feet above the ground, and you don't have to travel too far for it. Their zipline lets you soar over water and takes you at a stretch of 600 feet. They also have Texas' first-ever Twin Zipline Plunge that lets you zip straight into the water. Please note that the price might change based on what you choose.

The park has several different courses, including a watercourse, treetop course, and a mud run. All of the courses have balancing challenges that will really test your fear of heights. If you're thinking of going with a group, why not make it into a competition or team bonding? Some of the obstacles are inspired by military training to really put you to the test. 

The park is open every day of the week and you can even rent a few cabins if you choose to stay the night. This October, they are bringing back their Zipline With Zombies night too. The event will make you hold on for dear life as zombies try to get you from the ground. 

Thomas Falls Zipline and Outdoor Adventure Center is located at 5543 US Hwy. 259, North Diana, Texas. For more information on this park including prices and rentals, you can visit their website here. 

If you're a fan of treetop courses that put you to the test, check out the longest and fastest zipline in Texas, or you can zipline above alligators at this thrilling park.  

Thomas Falls Zipline and Outdoor Adventure Center

Price: $39+

Address: 5543 US Hwy. 259, North Diana, Texas 75640

Why You Need To Go: Test out a number of different zip lines and courses, that'll push your limits with tons of amazing obstacles.

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