Everyone has a favorite ride at Six Flags, and that loyalty might just be tested with the announcement of a new addition next summer. Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington is upgrading its Aquaman efforts from 1987 with the new "Aquaman: Power Wave."

The new ride will have a crazy 90-degree incline that will take you up and down over the span of 70 seconds. Imagine this,  sitting there for a minute before being hurled backwards and forwards 700 feet in the air. So where does the "splash" come into this, you ask? The park's 15th coaster will also be their first water coaster, because upon going backwards the second time (and last leg of the ride where it will reach 63 miles per hour), the water at the bottom will have filled up enough to where you'll splash right through it!

Safe to say that just like Aquaman with Jason Momoa as the lead, no one will be making fun of the comic book hero anymore. The ride will be open year-round, which means extra water hero fun. How many times are you willing to get splashed? 

Six Flags Over Texas is located at 2201 E Road to Six Flags St., Arlington, Texas 76010. For more information on this ride and other upcoming rides, visit their website here. Tickets for the park vary from $30 to $60, with this ride being included in that.

For even more thrilling fun, check out Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park where your fear of heights will be tested.

New Aquaman Ride Coming 2020

Price: $30 - $60

Address: 2201 E Road to Six Flags St., Arlington, Texas 76010

Why You Need To Go: The new ride is much more intense than the last one of the same name, and will feature a crazy splashdown.

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