Sweet Tooth Hotel in Dallas is the hidden gem you wish you already knew about. Their Instagram worthy rooms make for the best Insta pics and every corner is super magical. You might be thinking, how can I get into this hotel without booking a room? Now it's your chance! The colorful rooms will be on display for visitors next weekend during their silent disco party on September 27!

At only $15 a person ($10 if you can nab an early bird), you and your friends can jam out to your favorite music at one of the coolest places in the city. But this isn't your run-of-the-mill silent disco because three DJs will be competing for your attention the entire night. Grab a drink, take some pics, and enjoy an evening at Dallas' largest, underground silent disco the city has ever seen.

For those of you who are 21+, drink specials will be going on throughout the night. (Yes, the party is 18 and over.) Feel free to roam around with a cocktail in hand, while you explore what is Instagrammable. How fun is that?

If you love to dance, spend your time listening to the DJs do their thing. You are bound to find your fav tune playing from the three music channels. What makes this experience so great is that, for once, you and your friends don't all have to agree on the same type of jams to dance to. Vibe while you all listen to songs of your liking.

Sweet Tooth Hotel is located at 2316 Victory Park Lane, Dallas, Texas 75219. For tickets to the event, visit their page here.

For more whimsical fun, check out the Pixar exhibit that will make all your childhood dreams a reality. If you're looking for spooky fun, visit Six Flag for their annual Fright Fest!

Silent Disco At Sweet Tooth Hotel

Price: $10 - $15

When: September 27

Address: 2316 Victory Park Ln., Dallas, Texas 75219

Why You Need To Go: Sweet Tooth Hotel is insanely beautiful and now they are having the largest silent disco in the city.

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