If you love art and all things pop culture we found just the event for you. Incredible Art Gallery is having a free three-day event in Dallas this weekend at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel by the Galleria that will have tons of cosplay, butterbeer, and free paintings for every guest. 

The event features artist Christopher Clark who is known for creating works featuring characters like Wonder Woman, Deadpool and Han Solo. Visitors of the event will each receive a small free photo print of a painting at the show that can be personalized by the artist if they'd like. 

The art on display will feature pieces inspired by Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland and even Game Of Thrones. Anyone who loves fantasy, sci-fi, animation, or geeky pop culture needs to check out this completely free event!

Being that the event highlights everything nerd culture has to offer, cosplay is very welcomed and highly recommended. To make things even better, the three-day event is free to enter all three days.

The event will begin on Friday, April 12 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and then both Saturday and Sunday from noon until 7 p.m.

If you happen to want a quick bite while at the event, you will have a range of nerdy treats to chose from. Some of the more exciting mentions include Scooby Snacks, Can Solo Beer, Mad Hatter's tea, Unicorn Blood and of course Butterbeer.  Snacks and drinks range from $2 to $10.

The event is filled with a bunch of paintings and art displays highlighting everyone's favorite movies, books, and shows, and you will even have a chance to sit on the Iron Throne ahead of the Game of Thrones premiere.  You can also take pictures with an almost life-sized replica of Han Solo in carbonite. 

For more information on the event, you can visit their website here. 

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