Warm weather means cold drinks and plenty of pool time in the beaming sunlight. And what better way to cool of then by going to a giant inflatable water park in the center of your favorite city. Altitude H2O will officially be reopening its doors next month to give Texans the coolest summer adventures ever!

The is the largest floating aqua park obstacle course in Texas so you can imagine the fun to be had. The park currently has two locations, one in Grapevine Lake in Meadowmere Park and the other at Wake Nation in Houston. The DFW location will be opening next month but no official gran opening date has been set yet. 

As long as you're older than 6 years of age you can enter the park and play for 45 minutes but you will have to sit through a 15-minute safety session first. At any given time there can be up to 100 people on the water park.

There is also open water where you can swim and have fun. At the Grapevine location, you do have to pay an addition of $5 to enter. Ticket prices for this year have not been announced but last year they were $20 and a 90-minute session was $30.

You can purchase tickets online but you can also get them at the location. The park requires all its participants to wear life jackets and know how to swim, so please come responsibly. If you feel like a quick snack while you play you can feel free to bring your own cooler with snacks and drinks.

The park includes things like a water rodeo ride as well as a wiggle bridge and slides. There are also monkey bars to climb across where if you're not strong enough you'll fall straight into the water. With things like half pies and domes, you'll feel like you're in the water version of Ninja Warrior. 

For more information on Altitude H2O, you can visit their website here.

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