Spooky events are popping up all over the Metroplex and while haunted houses are great, real haunted places are much better. If you're looking for a paranormal experience near Dallas, you have to take a walk through the Haunted Shadows Lake Trail.

Grab some of your bravest friends because you're going to need a hand to hold when you walk down this trail in the night. There is only one flashlight allowed per group and it's including in the $25 ticket. The trail goes through the dark woods and is only lit your group's flashlight. Um, is this the Blair Witch Project? It's about a one-mile walk so if you've ever wanted to hike in the dark, this is definitely for you.

This isn't just hiking in the dark. The trail is said to be an abandoned gravesite. According to the organizers, the land once belonged to a farmer who offered to pay "troubled youth" to work on the farm as an alternative to going to jail. Families that had "wanted to get rid of their problems" sent their family members there as an alternative to asylums. Most of the kids there were forgotten and left to die on the farm.

The children were buried on the trail in unmarked graves, so being isolated left the kids bitter and angry with society and have been plotting their ghost revenge ever since. While walking on the trail, you might even meet the ghost of one of them. Told you'll need some friends for this.

The trail is open mostly on weekends from around 7:45 p.m. to midnight, but there are some days when they do open slightly earlier. The calendar changes so keep a lookout on their official website here for more information.

If that's just too super paranormal for you, try something more fake Halloween. The Metroplex is filled with spooky things to do all around, such as the Thomas Falls Outdoor Adventure and Event Center where you can zipline above some zombies. You could even try the Zombie Safari to hunt down some undead creatures.

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail

Price: $25

Address: 7801 Main St., The Colony, TX 75056

Why You Need To Go: You can walk down this trail in the middle of the night with only one flashlight and possibly ghost surroundings.

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