Waterfalls are one of natures best gifts to us. They are always filled with such wonder but after a while, you get tired of the same old Texas falls. Well, if you're down for a mini road trip from Dallas, you can head over to Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma. The breathtaking waterfall is 77 feet tall and has so much beauty to offer.

The waterfall is a part of the oldest park in Oklahoma. The park has hiking trails, natural spring pools, and even a stone castle. You will be able to find the waterfall under the Arbuckle Mountains and trust us, there are endless amazing spots to get a perfect picture. There are plenty of cliffs that show off the true wonder of the cascading waterfall. You can swim in the water that is around it and they even have a zipline that goes over the falls. The sandy beaches also make this place an amazing spot to lay out and get a good tan.

Plus, you can even spend the night! There are cabin rentals, RV hookups, and regular old camping. Camping starts at just $12 a night and you can camp pretty close to the waterfall itself. There are several concession stops in the park so you can stop by and have a snack after swimming by the waterfall. 

The daily entry fee is $14 through September and $5 from October to April. They are open all day throughout the year so there is no wrong time to explore this waterfall.  

Turner Falls is located I-35 and Highway 77
Davis, OK 73030. For more information on the falls, you can check out the website here. 

Turner Falls

Price: $14

Address: I-35 and Highway 77 Davis, OK 73030

Why you need to go: This amazing waterfall has great views and you can spend the night. The waterfall is located only two hours away from Dallas and is the most spectacular day trip.


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