After watching so many zombie movies growing up, you might have wondered what it would be like to be the one trying to escape. Well, now you have the perfect chance to test your skills. Thomas Falls Outdoor Adventure and Event Center is giving visitors the chance to zipline above zombies the fall and we are scaring ourselves right to their front door!

The venue has tons of fun ziplines year-round but this one definitely puts all your fears to the test. From September 27 to October 31, you'll be able to zipline in the dark. Rides are about $20 to $39 depending on the level of scary you crave, and zombies will be lurking so beware.

The night tour includes Creatures Maze, Tomb of the Dead, and three ziplines. Everywhere you look will be another spooky ride to experience. Visitors will also be able to take a wagon ride, but try not to fall off or who knows what might get ya!

You'll need to make a reservation before you go to make sure you get to have all that zombie-filled fun. We suggest calling before heading out as the Texas weather is unpredictable, and the zombies might not be out that night. 

Thomas Falls Outdoor Adventure and Event Center is located at 5543 US Hwy 259 North Diana, Texas 75640. For more information on this park, including prices and rentals, you can visit their website here.

If you happen to survive (knock on wood), you can stop by Cutting Edge Haunted House for more Halloween fun. If all of that is just too scary for you, check out Pumpkin Nights for over 3,000 glowing pumpkins.

Zipline With Zombies

Price: $20 - $39

When: September 27 - October 31

Address: 5543 US Hwy 259, North Diana, TX 75640

Why You Need To Go: Zipline over zombies at this adventure park sure to give you the frightful night you seek.

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