Every good Texan remembers the Alamo and knows that the real historic Alamo is housed in San Antonio. If you didn't know this by the time you finished Texas history in school, you do now. However, you won't be at fault when you find out that there's a giant Alamo replica that can be found in Houston. Not many people (even Texans!) know about this!

There's an exact replica of the Alamo tucked away in Cypress! The spot is a really neat Houston gem that people love to take pictures at.

The front of the Cypress Alamo is an exact replica of the San Antonio spot and when standing in front of it, you'd swear you were in downtown San Antonio. 

However, the inside of the Cypress Alamo is a big venue that people can rent out for a great price through Cy-Hope.

Cy-Hope is a nonprofit that serves the area's at-risk children and helps them be successful in school along with hoping to make the children's lives better in any way they can.

The spot is used mainly for events or photography sessions but it's easy to reserve your spot to go and visit a place you never thought you could visit outside of festive San Antonio.

To visit Houston's hidden Alamo, you should check their website to make sure they're allowing photography on the day you're wanting to go, then sign a waiver, consider making a donation, then you're good to go.

Texas's most recognizable building is arguably the Alamo and while we know that no replica can replace the original historic building, it's very cool to see that Houstonians have so much Texas pride that they built their own replica!

The Cypress Alamo At Cy-Hope

Price: Free

Address: 12715 Telge Rd., Cypress, TX

Why You Need To Go: Any day is a good day to remember the Alamo, and if you're in Houston, you don't need to drive halfway across the state to see it, just across town.

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