Most Texans often drive past the beloved 67-foot Sam Houston statue in Huntsville and are reminded of our state's rich history and how far left we have in our drive to Dallas. Yet, fewer know of the other 43 similar sculptures that live right in  Houston at the David Adickes Studio.

David Adickes is the genius sculptor behind the Sam Houston monument, and 44 giant busts of the American presidents—excluding Trump who he hasn't gotten around to yet. The man is 92, okay?

But he's been busy. Do you know the 36-foot Beatles sculptures at 8th Wonder Brewery? His. The massive cello in the Theater District? Yep, all Adickes. The beautifully-named Mount Rush Hour featuring four president heads on Elder Street? This guy.

But the 43 president heads at his studio are a little less well known. Which is kind of an impressive, because how do you discreetly place 43 giant heads?

The studio used to be located on Summer Street up until recently when it moved near I-10 which made it even harder for tourists to find.

But those who do find it are able to admire its beauty and pose next to these great American leaders. A popular pose seems to include picking their giant noses. Although that seems frowned upon, if we've learned anything from Night At The Museum, it's that Teddy Roosevelt's bust has one itchy nose.

And Adickes doesn't seem to be done quite yet. He told Houstonia Magazine he's still got big plans for what he wants to do next. Actually, the way he put it was having "Biticus Chewicus" disease that causes him to bite off more than he can chew.

Now we're hoping for our own Statue of Liberty. Maybe soon we'll never have to leave Texas to travel anywhere. We can dream.

David Adickes Studio

Price: Free

Address: 2401 Nance St, Houston, TX 77020

Why you need to go: To see if you're actually into looking at giant presidential sculptures before traveling 19 hours to Mount Rushmore. 


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