Houston is a bustling city with tons of traffic, people, noise, and buildings. It can be so hectic at times that it feels almost impossible to try to find a place to get away from it all. Especially when you're in the middle of the city, it's nearly impossible to find a tranquil spot and get some peace. But tucked away in the middle of the Texas Medical Center Is Houston's best hidden waterfall park, a rare gem that is the perfect mini-getaway.

The Texas Medical Center is full of huge buildings and skyscrapers and being the biggest medical center in the world, it definitely always is a hectic part of town.

However, there's a hidden park with water pillars and ivy-filled walls that gives visitors a calm break in the middle of the wild city.

The Gus S. and Lyndall F. Wortham Park is one of the lesser-known parks in Houston and is easy to miss if you don't know to look for it, but it is definitely one of the most magical looking places in town.

Stepping into the park feels like stepping into old Greek or Roman ruins with columns and ivy-covered walkways and even tall concrete tower waterfalls. 

Its unique old-world architecture contrasted with the modern skyscrapers in the background are an odd contrast but work to make the park feel magical and like you've left the city when really you're still in the middle of it.

The park is open every day from dawn until dusk but parking can be kind of tricky. The park only feels like you've left the city, but technically you're still in it.

With Houston being such a huge place, there are different hidden gems and parks that are scattered throughout, and this beautiful one is one of the more well-kept secrets in town.

Gus S. & Lyndall R. Wortham Park

Price: Free

Address: Holcombe and Main, Houston, TX 

Why You Need To Go: The hidden park is the perfect little waterfall oasis in the middle of the hectic city.

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