People seem to have strong feelings about Valentine's Day. Some love it, others hate it. However, everyone loves Halloween and adding some Halloween spookiness to your normal Valentine's Day can only make the day better. There's a popular haunted house in Houston that's doing just that!

Houston's largest indoor haunted house, 13th Floor Houston, is having a Valentine's Day "Love Bites" event on February 14 and 15.

It's an interactive storyline event where the house is transformed into a Vampire's lair that we humans have to try to get out alive from. 

If you're nervous about going into the haunted house, don't worry because they will also have a bar. You can be sure to grab a drink or two to help calm your nerves before stepping into the vampire's lair!

Be ready to get spooked because once you and your date are in the lair, an "unsuspecting hero" will join you and try to help you escape the vampires alive and in one piece.

This really cool date idea is cheaper than a Valentine's Day dinner as General Admission tickets are only $20.

Taking your boo to a haunted house for a romantic holiday is definitely unique, fun, and totally unexpected!

If you're also wanting to do something a little more romantic but still just as unique, going to a Houston drive-in theater to watch a movie together is still just as fun but a lot less scary.

After spending a spooky Valentine's Day together, you and your boo can keep the scary dates going on into the next month by taking a road trip and staying at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House

When you think about it though, a haunted house can be romantic because y'all can both hold tight to together to try to calm down after all the scares.

Love Bites at 13th Floor Houston

Price: 💸💸

Address: 7075 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W., Houston, TX

Why you need to go: It combines Halloween and Valentine's Day to make the most unique way to spend the usually tame holiday.


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