The wiener dog has to be the least qualified of all dogs to race competitively. But, I mean, the unnaturalness of it is what makes it so cute, right? This Saturday, May 25, you can watch a bunch of disproportional doggies run as fast as their little legs will take them at the annual Wiener Dog Races from 7-10 pm, gates open at 5:30. 

This race event is being hosted by the Sam Houston Race Park to conclude the 2019 Racing Season. You can find over 50 wiener dogs of all ages, shapes, and sized race down a 30-yard track in between the horse races.

The dogs will take off on the actual track starting from "miniature gates". The first wiener race will begin at around 8 pm. They'll even be wearing little uniforms. I repeat: Little. Uniforms.

General admission is $8, $4 for kids age 4-12 and seniors over 62, and free for kids under 4 —because they're almost just as cute. Almost. 

There will be 8 heats with 8 dogs in each heat. The winner of each heat will qualify to participate in the 9th Championship Race. The first place champion will take home $200 cash, and the second place winner will take $100 cash. Imagine the number of treats you could buy with that. The stakes are high.

Last year, 64 wiener dogs (known formally as dachshunds) competed in the race.

You can even buy $1 hotdogs all night while you watch. Feels kind of wrong, but whatever.

The unathletic pups are welcome to come out and watch the races as well. So bring your dog out to watch the fun.

You can catch the dogs (well, you can try) this Saturday, May 25, at Sam Houston Race Park located at 7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway West.

May the best dog wien.

Cover image used for illustrative purposes only. 

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