Ah, polo matches. Where fashion is the true unspoken competition and the majestic horses cost more than most of our net worth. And then, when hot air balloons are added to the mix, the millennials coming filing in. Can you blame us? And we're in luck because on December 13 and 14, Houston's only hot air balloon festival and polo match is going down.

During the festival, hot air balloons will be launched (you can sign up to ride inside!), loads of food and drinks will be served, and everyone will be dressed like they're some sort of English royalty. 

General admission without a hot air balloon ride is $10, but if you just want to come for one night, you can get the Friday Night Pass for just $5.

If you want to participate in the tethered hot air balloon ride, tickets are $30. But that ticket excludes admission, so unless you're going to elevate over to your air balloon ride, get the pass that gives you general admission plus the ride for only $40. I don't know why things have to be so confusing, but unless you're Iron Man (God rest his soul) I'd probably opt for the latter.

There's also a lot more ticket options that get bougier and bougier (because polo), and you can read about them on their site.

Tethered balloon rides last five minutes, hold 5-8 people, and never leave the venue. The rides are designed to give you just a taste of the unique experience.

Parking for this event costs $15, so if you're considering taking an Uber or Lyft there — it might make your experience cheaper.

This event is dog and kid-friendly, so dress them up in cute Equestrian attire too!

You can get your tickets on their official Eventbrite page right here.

Hot Air Balloon Festival and Polo Match

Price: $40 for festival access and a hot air balloon ride

Address: Houston, TX 77001

Why you need to go: To see some hot air balloons launch into the evening Houston sky, and maybe even ride in one too!


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