Although Houston is home to many different haunts, ScreamWorld has always been a local favorite. For thirty-one years, the boarded-up building has been a go-to when Halloween season is around. Sadly, it seems like the era is coming to an end as Houston's ScreamWorld has announced they're closing and that they're going to close indefinitely following one final event next this Friday the 13th! 

On March 13th, ScreamWorld's spooky grounds will open back up for one final haunt before it's closed down potentially forever.

The iconic haunted house has been a part of most locals' lives in some way or another, going to the haunting ground with your friends on a crisp October weekend is something a lot of us can look back on as great times.

And sadly, next Friday's event could very well be the last chance anyone has to experience the haunted house that's been such a spooky Houston staple for over three decades!

Tickets for the final event start at $20 for regular passes and are $30 for All-You-Can-SCREAM passes which will let you go through ScreamWorld as many times as you want!

The park has many different attractions including a creepy Voodoo Swamp, super gory Jake's Slaughterhouse, and The Edge of Darkness which transports you to grim settings like death row and a morgue.

There is also a Zombie Graveyard where the Vortex Tunnel is housed. And finally, the Maze of Maniacs, which is home to feral clowns and is downright one of the scariest sounding attractions.

While the Houston area has many different haunted attractions, it doesn't make the closing of ScreamWorld any less sad.

However, it's fitting that ScreamWorld's last day would be on a Friday the 13th and while we're devastated to see the haunted house go, we're glad they're opening it up one last time before it's gone.

Friday The 13th At ScreamWorld Houston

Price: $20-30

When: Friday, March 13, 2020. 

Address: 2225 North Sam Houston Pkwy. West, Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: This is the last chance you have to experience Houston's favorite haunted house that's been such a staple come Halloween season for three decades.

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