You know what they always say: if you can't take the heat, get out of Houston! Well, whatever, it's what they should say. Especially considering Houston is hosting the annual Texas Hot Sauce Festival this September.

On September 21-22, you can experience a different kind of Texas heat, and we're really excited about this one.

From noon to 6 pm at the Bayou City Event Center, you'll be able to speed date the country's best hot sauces, wings, chips, salsa, dips, spices, soups, chili, jams and jelly(??), marinades, and pickled products.

If you're bringing along friends who aren't as into the heat as you, you can reassure them there will be plenty of tasty, mild options too.

It's the perfect plan—isolate your sensitive-palate friends in an environment that only serves spicy foods to slowly get them hooked on the hot and delicious adrenaline rush so you'll never have to eat spicy Texas BBQ alone ever again!

But no worries—there will be plenty of refreshing drinks to cool off the daredevils who took on a little more hot sauce than they could handle.

And with live entertainment, you'll be able to dance hard enough to break enough sweat to have everyone thinking it's really the result of that super hot pepper you braved.

There will be a mix of free and pay-as-you-go events for kids as well, arts and crafts, and pepper merchandise.

You can get a One-Day Adult pass for $10, a Two-Day Adult pass for $18, or a Deluxe Souvenir pass for $35. With the deluxe pass, you also score a free T-shirt and a jar of official festival hot sauce.

Rain or shine, you can expect Texas Hot Sauce Festival to be the hottest event of the year, so come on down, y'all.

Texas Hot Sauce Festival 2019

Price: $10 per day

Address: 9401 Knight Road, Houston, TX 77045

Why you need to go: The best hot and mild sauces are being imported into Houston for one, giant, epic, good-kind-of-hot weekend.


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