We've got 104 days of summer vacation, but work comes along just to end it before it even gets started. So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it. 

As adults, we can't build a rocket or fight mummies, but here are some of the best ways we can have just as much summer fun while also getting a fantastic hourly wage to pay the rent. Well, almost just as fun. 

Pool Cleaner

Hourly pay: $13-14

What it is: Cleaning out swimming pools. You don't get to swim in them, but at least you'll get a tan! You can get hired by a company looking for workers or just go around your neighborhood asking who needs your service.

Kid's Swim Instructor

Hourly pay: $9-12

What it is: Teaching kids of all ages the basics and importance of survival swimming. Instructing kids generally requires less experience, and it's a switch up from the normal life guard role. And often, lessons are in indoor pools so that's a plus. 

Movie Theater Crew Member

Hourly pay: $10-15

What it is: Nobody wants to miss the movies for work. And working a movie theater this summer ensures that you never will. You'll be cultured on all the latest films and enjoy some good benefits.

Production Assistant

Hourly pay: $15-25

What it is: Most film and video crews are always looking for extra hands to help load in and out gear, set up green rooms, or even just run get lunch for the crew. It's a perfect entry-level position that pays well while getting to experience the ins and outs of a real life film set.

Uber Driver

Hourly pay: $25

What it is: A lot of awkward conversations, but a chance to meet people from all over the city while getting paid. Perfect for those who love driving around and exploring. For once, the Houston traffic is gonna make you some major money.

Topgolf Crew Member

Hourly Pay: $10-13

What it is: From working as a food runner to guest services, working at Topgolf gives you the best of both worlds. You get to be outside to enjoy the summer, while still getting that A/C. Everyone there is always having fun. And that's the vibe we're aiming for this summer 2019.

Kid's Camp Counselor 

Hourly pay: $10-16

What it is: Whether it's playing with dogs or hanging out with kids, there's a camp out there in need of your help. Some are on ranches if you want to go spend your summer some place outdoors, or you can just go down the street to your local YMCA.

Bank Teller

Hourly pay: $14-18

What it is: Don't get intimidated. Being a bank teller really only requires a GED. You help out customers who come into the bank and handle their transactions, for an insane hourly wage.

Ice Cream Server or Truck Driver

Hourly pay: $10-15

What it is: There's nothing that hits home like ice cream in the Texas heat. You get to greet adorable, red-faced kids and make them smile with a fudge bar. When else is it allowed to blare obnoxious music in a giant truck around neighborhoods all day? Or just pick up an application at your favorite local shop like Sub-Zero, Marble Slab, or Sweet Bribery to name a few.


Hourly pay: $19-20

What it is: Flexible schedules, playing with kids and their impressive LEGO collection, threatening to call their mom on them when they start throwing the LEGOs at you. These oppurtunities skyrocket in the summer. You can apply online or ask friends if they need some nanny help.

As you can see, there's a whole lot of stuff to do before summer ends this fall. So stick with us, because we're gonna do it all! (And make loads of money while we're having the coolest summer ever.)

Come on, Perry!

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