Seeing hundreds upon hundreds of lanterns light up the night sky is an amazing experience. One that has to have the right location, the right weather, and the right amount of people. No wonder it's on everyone's bucket lists, it's a rarity! Thanks to The Lights Fest coming to Houston this month, you're able to see your dreams come to life while enjoying the brilliant view of lanterns in the sky.

On Saturday, April 20th at the Houston Raceway, you and your friends or family can launch a massive lantern in the air and see it flood the sky alongside hundreds of others. There are two different ticket options available, adults are $45 per ticket and kids are $15 per ticket. Children 3 and below are free to enter! 

Adults will get a special packet that needs to be picked up at the event upon arrival. In the packet there will be information on the event as well as a lantern and marker. Be sure to bring some chairs and blankets with you, there will be some chill time before the launch to enjoy the people you came with as well as some live music. If you forget either of these things or even warm clothing, don't fret! Plenty of merchandise will be available for purchase on site.

You are encouraged to decorate your personal lantern with colors, drawings, or words with meaning. Whether you are writing what you are grateful for or want to write down your deepest wishes, it is inspiring to see all of your dreams be lifted into the atmosphere in such a magical way.

The Lights Fest is hugely dependant on wind and the local fire marshal's approval, but don't worry, there's a back up plan in case things go wrong. If for some reason the weather doesn't hold up like it's supposed to, The Lights Fest will return within three months, and will send plenty of info to keep their attendees updated via email.

For more information on this stunning event, you can visit their website to learn more before the big day or to purchase your tickets.

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