Texas may not be full of old medieval history from the Middle Ages, but that doesn't mean you can't find a giant castle among the rolling Texas hills! Newman's Castle, a beautiful recently built castle and event venue, lies in Bellville, about 35 miles from Katy. You can tour the incredible structure six days a week and take the most incredible Game of Thrones inspired photos while you're there.

The insane Newman's Castle was built by Texas bakery owner Mike Newman, who just really wanted to have his own castle. Once the mighty giant of a home was completed, he opened it for public tours so everyone could enjoy the architectural masterpiece. The massive castle is rentable for weddings, wine tastings, birthday parties, and any other big occasions.

The medieval castle features a gorgeous moat, an incredible 3,000-pound drawbridge at the main entrance, a gigantic perimeter fortress wall, a chapel, a great hall, and so much more. There are training grounds where you can practice your sword skills and a beautiful courtyard for taking some of the coolest photos.

Anyone can come to tour the stunning castle and enjoy a lovely lunch on the property for only $20 a person. You start your tour at Newman’s Bakery, located on Main Street in Bellville, and head about 5 miles into the hills to find the gorgeous castle.

If you are looking for the coolest hidden spot in Texas to have a Game of Thrones inspired wedding, party or just to take some cool photos, Newman's Castle is definitely a must-visit. Earn your knighthood while enjoying the stunning artwork that was put into the making of the wonderful Texas castle. 

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You can check availabilities and reserve your spot for a tour at Newman's Castle by calling Newman's Bakery at 979-865-9804. You do not want to miss out on this one of a kind Texan treasure.

Newman's Castle is accessible by visiting Newman's Bakery at 504 E Main Street, Bellville, Texas. You can visit the official website for more information here!

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