Perfect parks don't exist but Texas parks get incredibly close. Lake Colorado City State Park has just about everything you'd want for a nice day out this summer. The park offers wildflowers, a lake, and a few surprises along the way when you're hiking through their trails. The 500-acre park has five miles of shoreline and campsites so the fun never has to stop. 

The park has several picnic pavilions to hang out on or you can choose to bring your own stuff to relax on. Swimming, kayaking, and canoeing are all allowed but there is no supervision so taking all safety measures are recommended.

Guests of the park can rent water equipment to use while they're there. Visitors are also more than welcome to fish as long as they bring their own equipment.

In a field of wildflowers, you'll find amazing views of nature and an abandoned car that makes for a great photoshoot prop.

Camping at the park starts at just $15 and they also have cabins with air conditioning so you can enjoy your stay without worrying about the Texas heat. There is a group hall you can rent out for $100 a night that sleeps 75 people or if you don't plan on staying the entire night, you can rent out a pavilion for just $40. 

There is a daily entrance fee of $4 but if you're coming with a group of friends you only have to pay $2. Their gate hours are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lake Colorado City State Park is located at 4582 FM 2836
Colorado City, TX 79512. For more information on the park, you can visit their website here.

Lake Colorado City State Park

Price: $2- $4

Address: 4582 FM 2836 Colorado City, TX 79512

Why you need to go: The park has great views of nature and you can do just about anything in the water. You can also spend the night in the park for extra summer fun.


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