The Rick and Morty fandom is huge, and if the Szechuan sauce fiasco didn't prove that, then what we're about to tell you will. Next month, a massive Rick and Morty event is coming to San Antonio for one day only, and they're bringing themed drinks and free shirts with them! That's right, there's finally a day other than Halloween that dressing up as Rick or Morty is totally acceptable.

The Rick and Morty Bar Crawl is making a stop in San Antonio on Saturday, February 8 from 4 to 10 p.m.

Registration for the crawl will take place at Pat O'Brien's from 4 to 6 p.m. so you'll have two whole hours to ensure your spot in the crawl.

From there, you'll enjoy multiple bars with exclusive drink specials and compete against hundreds of other crawlers to determine who the ultimate Rick and Morty trivia champ is.

Tickets for the crawl are on sale now and can be purchased through this link.

For just $20 plus a $2.99 fee, you'll get a pass to the crawl and all the activities plus a t-shirt in your size to collect on the day of the event.

We're not sure what the t-shirt will look like quite yet, but we know it won't disappoint!

You may not even have to dress up after all.

To end the night, a DJ party will be taking place to allow everyone to really let loose, especially if you're one of the winners!

Winners, you ask?

That's right, best dressed and first and second place in trivia will leave with prizes at the end of the night.

Come prepared with a great deal of Rick and Morty knowledge and an even greater costume, it'll be worth it.

If you love events celebrating your favorite movies or TV shows, don't miss the Barbie Truck coming to La Cantera early next month. 

See you soon, Rick and Morty stans!

Rick and Morty Bar Crawl

Price: $20+

When: Saturday, February 8

Address: 121 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: You'll enjoy themed drinks and party among people who love Rick and Morty just as much as you do!

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