We've seen our fair share of local businesses blow up thanks to Twitter users, and now, the people of San Antonio have done it yet again! Ever since eBooks and Kindles first became a thing, bookstores, especially local ones, started to see a decline in business. The story behind Nine Lives Books is no different, but a viral tweet may just put this adorable bookstore in San Antonio back on the map. 

This past week on Thursday, November 21, Twitter user itsbrittn_y shared her story of her visit to Nine Lives Books on Twitter.

The tweet gained tons of attention over the weekend, and many more users took to the mentions to share their own experiences with the bookstore, as well as the owner. 

Nine Lives Books is much more unique than your average local bookstore. They specialize in used merchandise!

That's right, the majority of what you see at Nine Lives Books is donated and recycled, with the occasional new items thrown into the mix. 

If you bring in your old books, records, DVDs, videotapes, music CDs, music audiotapes or any other similar item you could earn store credit or even cash. 

It all depends on the current conditions of supply and demand, so be sure to keep that in mind when you bring your old stuff in. 

It's thanks to Twitter users that many local businesses who have lost customers thanks to the current state of the world can once again see the light of day. 

The last thing we need is for books, CDs and other items to become obsolete. After all, there's no better feeling than curling up by a fireplace with a good book during a cold front!

Nine Lives Books

Price: 💸 to 💸💸

Address: 4907 NW Loop 410 Ste 102, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: Support your local businesses! Plus, you can turn in your old books for cash or store credit.

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