Prepare to get hungry because the San Antonio local Milkshake Mode dessert shop is going to make your mouth start watering. You can enjoy tons of the best flavors, toppings, candies, and ice creams all blended into the most exciting masterpieces ever at this pop-up milkshake shop. 

Have you ever wondered what Tejano legend Selena would like like if she were a milkshake? Probably not, but now you can find out anyways! The shop designed their own iconic Selena milkshake topped with a donut, edible rose, and glittery purple sprinkles. They also create amazing shakes with themes like Game of Thrones, unicorns, and everyone's favorite rapper Drake.

They also have their very own concha ice cream sandwiches, which they have rightly named Mexican Macarons. You can get these in a multitude of flavors and colors to match your cravings or outfit if you so desire! You can also get a tasty, colorful concha on top of your milkshake if you're really craving something sugary and spectacular.

The shakes are always fantastic to look at and come in the cutest containers, from adorable mason jars to the coolest Drake inspired cups with tons of his famous lyrics. You won't be able to taste your milkshake without snapping a few photos first. You have to make everyone jealous of your dessert masterpiece!

Alexandra Moya opened her incredible milkshake shop last year and has popped up all over San Antonio to serve up the most incredible desserts ever. Milkshake Mode doesn't have a permanent location yet, but with its insane success and demand, I'm sure you can expect to find one in the future. They are always sharing their pop-up locations on their Instagram, so be sure to keep up with them for their next outing!

You can follow Milkshake Mode's Instagram account here to keep up with their latest pop-ups and sugary creations.


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