Whether you grew up being a fan of Hello Kitty or just recently became one, there's no denying that she and her friends are the cutest ever. This month, a traveling Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in San Antonio is bringing the city Hello Kitty-themed food, drink, and merch to take home and add to your collection. It'll only be in town for one day, so you're going to want to plan ahead in order to avoid missing it!

The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is popping up in San Antonio from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at The Shops at La Cantera on Saturday, March 21.

The truck will be set up near Barnes and Noble to give shoppers super easy access to it.

The shopping center is already a hot spot among San Antonians, so it's no wonder the truck decided to pop up there. We recommend showing up early to avoid lines!

You'll be able to shop from their food and drink menu as well as their merchandise menu, and can browse it ahead of time online to get an idea of what you'll be buying.

There's not a single thing on either menu that isn't grabbing our attention!

A Kitty bow bottled water, four-piece mini cake set, and a three-piece cookie set are just a few treats that'll be sold.

You can take home a cafe chef plush, coffee cup keychain, or even a sprinkle mug to add a little bit of pink to your space.

Whatever you leave with, we're sure it's going to be adorable. Be sure to have your card handy because they don't accept cash.

If you're not quite full from one of the truck's Hello Kitty treats, or want to continue shopping, The Shops at La Cantera is the perfect place to do both.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 21! 

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in San Antonio

Price: ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ

When: Saturday, March 21

Address: 15900 La Cantera Pkwy., San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can shop from their adorable, Hello Kitty-themed food, drink, and merch menus.

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