You know all of those cheesy teen movies when the couple that you have been rooting for the entire time is having a deep chat at some super scenic outlook over the city? The gorgeous spots that seem impossible to find where you live? Well, look no further because the Scenic Drive Overlook in El Paso is exactly like the ones in the movies. The view is, of course, beautiful any time of day but when the sun goes down and all the city lights come on it is completely breathtaking.

The overlook is just so amazing that you can even see Mexico and all of El Paso from it. The view includes cityscapes but also has the mountains and landscape in its view. Even on foggy or bad weather days, it’s absolutely breathtaking. The drive is surrounded by prestigious homes but it's free to visit at any time. There is a small park nearby where you can park your car as to not completely block the view for everybody else.

Visitors recommend going in between May through September to get the best out of your visit. There are several benches and places to sit on the walkway of Scenic Drive which means that you can hang out there for hours or at least long enough to get the perfect Instagram shot.

The drive was set up in 1920 and it’s about two miles long. You probably won’t see the Rio Grande though, because the drive is only 500 feet above it! On the way down the steps, you might see a few locks from lovers who have declared their love to one another and have thrown the key off the top of the drive.

While the visit to the scenic drive is free, we suggest you bring along a couple of quarters so you can use their telescopes for a better view. Scenic Drive is located at Scenic Drive, El Paso, TX 79902. For more information, you can visit their Tripadvisor page here. 

Scenic Drive

Price: Free

Address: Scenic Drive, El Paso, TX 79902

Why you need to go: This place has a completely breathtaking view of both El Paso and Mexico. It's free to visit and they have plenty of room for everyone. 


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