Spooky times are coming at us at full speed, and there isn't much for us to do but embrace it. If you're super into all things nightmares, you have to stay in a real-life haunted hotel this season! Grab your friends and spend the night at The Woodbine Hotel in Madisonville, Texas.

On November 1, the hotel is hosting a ghost hunting night ranging from $129 to $249 depending on the package of your choice. We know, it's after Halloween! But it's still scary enough to not pass up. You can participate in group séances, a ghost hunt with experienced hunters, readings with a psychic medium, and much more. You will be served dinner and breakfast if you choose to stay overnight, but there are packages where you can just participate in the investigation if that's all you are looking to do.

The hotel had been known to be visited by the ghost of a woman named Clair. She is the spirit of the original owner's daughter-in-law. But not all ghosts are as friendly as Claire. According to Haunted Rooms America, one investigation found an outline image of a man appearing in a photograph. There are some who believe the spirit got upset because once the image was posted on Facebook, the mirror that appeared in the photograph shattered.

Tickets are still on sale but there is limited availability so book yours soon so you can get in on all the ghost hunting action!

To book your spooky night at this haunted hotel and for more information on what you can expect, check out the website here.

The terrifying fun doesn't have to stop there! If you happen to be going north, check out Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth.

Haunted Stay At The Woodbine Hotel

Price: $129 to $249

When: November 1

Address: 209 N Madison St., Madisonville, TX 77864

Why You Need To Go: For one night only, you can stay at this haunted hotel and chase some ghosts down.

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