If you've ever sat on your couch watching documentaries about missing persons cases and thought: "I could solve that," now is your chance to prove it. Utah's Cold Case Database has recently updated its public website, so you can go on and help with unsolved cases. Quarantine just became a lot more interesting ... and who knows ... maybe it will lead to a new career path?

We all want to be a little more like Baudi Moovan and John Green from Don't F*** With Cats, but now we really can do our part to help solve crimes.

Thanks to their updated website, the Utah Department Of Public Safety wants your help finding missing persons to solve cold cases.

The Cold Case Database gives you access to over 400 case files, and you can search for specific events rather than having to peruse every single one.

You can use the public site to get important pieces of information to guide your search, but there are still some things that are off-limits to anyone but law enforcement.

The department recently revamped the site to make it more accessible, which is great for these long days in isolation.

You can access the site here, then read up on clues pertaining to the investigation (we've always wanted to say that), including the dates a person disappeared and their last knwon whereabouts.

There is a button at the bottom of each case page where you can submit tips as well.

You can search for key phrases or words to cross-reference objects, especially if you see similarities between two possibly related cases.

If you were feeling guilty about binge-watching murder documentaries instead of finishing that home repair project you swore you'd get to this weekend, this is the perfect excuse to push it back another few days.

Grab your coffee and slip into those comfy sweats for a documentary or cold case marathon to hone your skills, then fire up your smart device for some in-depth detective work.

Now if only we could find the remote as easily as we think we can solve mysteries.

Utah's Cold Case Database

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can access over 400 unsolved cases to try and help find clues, tips, or anything else that could help solve them. 


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