These days, we find ourselves indoors more than ever before. But that doesn't mean you can't bring the outdoors in. Utah's tulip festival is going virtual this year so that you can glimpse thousands of blooms right from home. 

The Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point has been rescheduled as a virtual experience, so you don't have to miss out on seeing the flowers this year. 

Narcity has confirmed that tuning in is entirely free. You can check out Thanksgiving Point's website for a complete schedule of events. That includes live streams of different areas of the garden every weekend. 

You'll also get to watch activities, learn DIY projects, and recipe demonstrations. A little step-by-step process of what to make is a plus in our book.

This month-long floral celebration takes place on select days between April 9 and May 2, 2020. 

Although Thanksgiving Point is temporarily closed, they've found a way to continue their popular photo competitions. You'll get to see the works from previous winners, and you'll get to participate in new contests of community gardens and yards. 

If you've been planting out of fun or boredom, now's your chance to show your hard work off. 

Freshly cut tulip bouquets will also be available for purchase. If you're missing someone, why not show them how much with a floral arrangement? 

Light your favorite floral candle, put on your lovely spring attire, and prepare to be transported to blooming garden fields. 

There are over 300,000 flowers in the garden, and over 100,000 people visit each year just to see them. But this time, you'll get a one on one experience minus the crowds. 

Spring has sprung, and we are all so excited that we "wet our plants." No pun intended. 

Virtual Tulip Festival At Thanksgiving Point

Price: Free

When: April 10 through May 2, 2020

Why you need to go: You'll get to experience the garden right from your living room. 


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