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This $10 Clay Mask With Over 9K 5-Star Reviews On Amazon Will Completely Clear Your Skin

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, there's one thing that everyone wants: clear, beautiful skin. While there are tons of skincare products on the market, it can be hard to differentiate exactly which one is for you.

It can get also get rather overwhelming when shopping for skincare products because you basically have no idea what is listed in the ingredients, you don't know if it'll work on your skin, and skincare is FREAKING expensive.

And this is where one simple product steps in and blows it out of the water - clay. Of course, not just any clay, but facial clay. Aztec Secret's Indian Healing Clay has been deemed the "world's most powerful facial". It has just over 2,100 customer reviews on Amazon with over 70% of users giving it a five-star rating and it works on all skin types. The best part, it's only $10!

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The Indian Healing Clay is made from 100% natural sun-dried calcium bentonite clay from Death Valley, California and is known to have healing properties that can clear up acne, smoothen skin, deep clean pores and even minimize the appearance of scars.

There have been thousands of reviews from Amazon customers saying that it totally saved their skin, especially for those who were struggling with acne. There are several different uses for the Indian Healing Clay and can be mixed with various mediums (eg. water, gelatin, apple cider vinegar) depending on what your skin needs are.

Here are just a few of those thousands of reviews:

"Amazing cleansing! Added to it gelatin powder and warm water and made peel-off mask that removed all black head with it :)"

"This has been a life saver, I know a lot of people use it as a whole face mask, I actually use it as a spot treatment. I mix it with apple cider vinegar (i feel like apple cider works better than water) and put it on my pimples and it ends up drying them right up. If you have sensitive skin I would probably do a test patch it might irritate your skin. But this has been amazing, I can see my pimples significantly smaller. Also this lasts quite a long time I have had mine for over a year and I still have so much left, I will be repurchasing this after I finish mine. love this!!"

For those of have oily skin, you can leave the clay mask on for longer (approx, 15-20 minutes). For those with dry skin, users recommend leaving it on for only about 5-10 minutes as it can be a tad drying if left on for too long. 

Of course, as with all skincare products, you should always patch test before using it on your entire face. While everyone's skin is different, it is definitely worth testing out. If anything, it was literally only $10.

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