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This 3.2 Km Gorge Trail Will Take You Past 19 Waterfalls Near Ontario

Old stone staircases will take you through this stunning park!
This 3.2 Km Gorge Trail Will Take You Past 19 Waterfalls Near Ontario

If you take a look outside your window right now, chances are you'll see snow, snow, and yup, some more snow. We're in the dead of winter here in Canada with no end in sight! We could be getting on a month or two of more winter or it could end up like last year where the cold chill followed us well into the spring months. 

But even though we can't predict the future and how much cold winter chill we have left, doesn't mean we shouldn't start planning for warmer days! Taking a hike through nature is probably one of the best ways to spend your weekends during the spring, and the stunning gorge trail at Watkins Glen State Park offers some of the best views. 

Watkins Glen State Park is located just across the border in upstate New York. It's only a 4-hour drive from Toronto, 4.5-hour drive from Ottawa and 3 hours 50-minute drive from Kingston. It's basically an equal distance from all the major cities in Southern Ontario! 

Once you arrive at this breathtaking park you'll find a 3.2 km trail that will lead you up ancient stone staircases, bridges, and pathways. These stone pathways will take you past a turquoise gorge and a grand total of 19 waterfalls! It's basically a hike through a fairytale world hidden in the forest. 

The trails will bring you above, below and even behind the rushing waterfalls along this trail which offers ample opportunity to take beautiful pictures and immerse yourself in nature! The Cavern Cascade waterfall is probably the biggest waterfall along the trail and this is where the trail actually takes you behind the falls. 

The trail will also take you down 400-ft into the gorge where you can find a naturally formed heart-shaped pool of water! There are so many other hidden wonders to discover including a hidden spiral staircase, a suspension bridge with birds-eye views of the gorge, and adorable forest trail names like 'Lovers Lane'! 

Check out their website for more information! 

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