How annoying is it to work your abs? Most women want a flat stomach, but when it comes to actually working your core out, you dread it. Maybe because it hurts so much when you do that you just give up. Seriously, ab pain is a different kind of pain. 

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Most days I want to skip working out my abs. Even though all those chips and guac won't work themselves out, I dread doing it. When it comes to legs and arms, you realize quickly that those places are so much easier to tone up. But your abs? Forget it. 

Except don't forget it. Because up until Kayla Itsines' program, I never saw definition in my abs. But after 17 weeks of her intense BBG program I can honestly say I've never been happier with my stomach. This ab routine will leave you feeling sore for daaays honey. And believe me, I don't lie when it comes to a workout. If I hate it, I hate it. Want proof? Click here

How Kayla Itsines' BBG workouts work is you have two circuits that you do for 7 minutes. And you repeat each circuit twice, so the whole workout is 28 minutes long (or 40 minutes on leg day because you can't catch your breath. Just me? Okay.) There are 4 exercises in the circuit and you do it for as many reps are she states. 

Out of all of her ab workouts, this one is my favourite. Your abs are so engaged the entire time, and you'll feel it so much during the workout. Especially with the added weights in your hand for some of the moves, you'll be feeling like a million bucks. 

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I hate to be that person, but I swear I woke up the next day with more definition in my abs. I can't imagine what my stomach would look like if I did this a few times a week! I was also sore for 3 days after I did this routine, and it hurt to laugh but I'm not mad about it. 

So if you want quick results, and to feel your abs burn, try out this routine. Your abs will be popping, and who says you can't do this before heading out to the beach for the day?! You'll look hot AF.