As Canadians, we're required to love maple syrup. The maple leaf is literally on our flag! If you're curious to get closer to the syrup-making process and want to try the sweet stuff fresh from the farm, then there's a place on the East Coast you have to check out. 

Sugar Moon Farm in Nova Scotia offers an immersive experience called Maple Magic. This package includes a hearty brunch, a guided tour and the chance to try maple syrup on snow!

You'll sit down to the Sugar Moon Classic Maple Brunch and eat what the farmers eat to get started in the morning. They've given a traditional sugar camp meal a Maritime twist! Make sure you come seriously hungry.

Brunch includes whole grain buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup topped with maple whipped cream. Pancakes are served with homemade maple-laced slow-cooked beans and local sausages. You can wash it all down with either maple hot chocolate or a Sugar Moon Coffee that comes with a generous dollop of maple whipped cream.

After brunch, if you can even move, you'll take a guided tour. The sugar camp tour is indoors and you will learn about the history of maple syrup and how Sugar Moon got started. Then, you'll see how sap is collected and transformed into delicious syrup over a wood-fire.

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Finally, the tour wraps up with a sticky piece of Canadiana. They pour hot maple syrup on crushed ice and then you'll roll it up on a stick for your very own syrup treat!

There's something seriously romantic about this sugar shack in the woods. This place would be perfect for a date with your s/o or to treat your bestie. If you're not interested in the full Maple Magic experience, you can always visit the farm on your own and eat at their restaurant or go snowshoeing on their property. 

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Sugar Moon Farm is in Earltown, Nova Scotia and it's open year-round. It's an hour and a half from Halifax and two hours from Moncton. You can book the Maple Magic Package for the full Sugar Moon experience for $25 per person plus taxes and you'll have to book ahead.

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