With the high cost of living in California, many of us are looking for ways to save more money. Who doesn't want to live larger and travel a little more? If you're looking to downsize and explore the world, there's this affordable tiny home in California that's a total dream come true.

This gorgeous, airy house is hand-crafted and truly one of a kind. The 198-square foot layout features beautiful interior and exterior paneling. It comes with fully-insulated floors, walls, and ceilings to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Did we mention it also has an in-wall AC with a heater and remote control?

Since it's a brand-new home, it's sparkling clean and perfect inside and out. It's a totally blank canvas you can choose to decorate, however you want.

When you first walk in, you'll see all-white walls and plenty of large windows letting in natural light. There is a kitchen area with a full electric stove, oven, sink, mini-fridge, and plenty of counter and cabinet space.

There's even a tiny table and two stools where you can enjoy your meals.

Next to the kitchen, there is a laundry area and two ladders leading up to the loft, which is spacious enough to fit a king-sized mattress.

This Affordable Tiny Home For Sale In California Is Perfect For An On The Go Adventurer

The small couch makes for a comfy place to rest and watch movies during your downtime and travels.

Around the corner, there is a cozy nook and a full bathroom with an enclosed shower, custom vanity, sink faucet, toilet, and an energy-efficient water heater.

This Affordable Tiny Home In California Is Perfect For An On The Go Adventurer

We're honestly surprised at how much they managed to fit into such a small space. It looks so organized and clean. 

This Affordable Tiny Home In California Is Perfect For An On The Go Adventurer

If you're looking to downsize, travel, and love tiny houses, this cozy cottage could be your perfect fit! There's nothing quite like having a home away from home.

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