Everyone unanimously agrees that the tiny home trend is gold. It's not just 'cause it's cute or that it can go everywhere you do. It's mostly because it falls in a world where we can actually afford to buy it. And because of that, we're delighted that we found this affordable tiny house in Washington that's straight out of a storybook! 

Located in Sedro Woolley, "The Leafspring" is a custom-built home selling for $49,000, which in the Evergreen State's ever-pricey market, could be considered a steal. 

If you're into luxe but lil' living, the 176-square foot property has cedar interiors and exteriors and is polished off with walnut flooring. It even has rain-screen siding, perfect for the Evergreen State's wet weather. 

The property comes with brand new wheels so you can hitch it on to your vehicle or trailer during vacations too. If you'd rather stay in bed, there's a pretty sunset mural with barn swallows painted on the ceiling you can stare at all day. 

Although it doesn't come with a toilet, a simple gravity-fed system supplies water and the 120v AC power will keep you in touch with the world. 

It's honestly surprising how much can fit into this mobile home.

This Affordable Tiny House In Washington Is Perfect For An On The Go Adventurer

It has a charming bedroom in the loft that can be accessed by a ladder.

There's even a kitchen with a fridge-freezer combo, a stove, sink, countertops, and an expandable dining room table, all with huge windows that lets in a lot of natural light.  

We love thoughtful fixtures like rods on the ceiling that can hold pots and pans aesthetically, and blackboards to write reminders and doodle on.

Cute shelves and benches are built into it for seating and the space under it doubles as storage too. 

This Affordable Tiny House In Washington Is Perfect For An On The Go Adventurer

As you look around the space — including the antiquey light fixtures that are also handmade, you'll only wonder why Architectural Digest hasn't featured it yet. But it's on its way. According to the listing, it was already featured on Lloyd Kahn's book, Small Homes.

While the property was initially listed for $55,000, the price drop and the number of people that have "dreamlisted" it makes us wonder if it should be on ours too? 

This Affordable Tiny House In Washington Is Perfect For An On The Go Adventurer

While you're dreaming about owning your tiny home on wheels, you don't have to wait to rent one.

We found one that comes with a private beach for under $100, and another one that's so magical, it was featured on HGTV

The Leafspring Tiny Home

Price: $49,000

Address: Sedro Woolley, Washington

View Here

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