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This California Airbnb Comes With An Absolutely Giant Hot Tub

You'll have the whole place to yourself.
This Airbnb In California Comes With An Absolutely Giant Hot Tub

Spring is the perfect time to visit the desert. Temperatures are still cool, and the flowers are just starting to bloom. If Joshua Tree National Park has been on your must-see list for a while, you should check out this home. You can rent this desert dream Airbnb in California. It comes with a giant hot tub and fantastic sunset views!

Rock Oasis Retreat is a gated property nestled deep in the high desert. 

If you've been seeking a secluded BFF or couple's retreat, this could be the perfect place!

To rent the home, it costs $760 a night for up to five guests. If you split the cost, that's $152 per night before taxes and fees. 

While the sprawling property and nature as a backyard is a big draw, our eyes are on something else.

This house comes with a giant 119 square foot custom hot tub. So if you all want to soak under the stars, there's plenty of space for everyone to enjoy it.

Afterward, you can post up by the firepit and roast marshmallows. 

Due to the home's prime location, there's plenty of things to do during the daytime too. There's even boulders on the property that you can climb for a great sunrise view. 

But that's not all. 

Take a tour inside. 

Large glass windows allow plenty of natural light - you don't even have to go outside to see the desert all around you. 

Sometimes, you want to enjoy it from a lovely, air-conditioned house. The colorful living room and kitchen are the perfect places to start a cheerful morning.

The fully-stocked chef's kitchen comes with everything you need to cook up delicious meals morning, noon, and midday.

Each bedroom is a comfy oasis - good luck trying to decide whether to stay in your plush bed or rise to seize the day.

Maybe you could be tempted to rise and shine with a lovely morning swim or a cool down in the outdoor rain shower. 

Seriously, what does this home not have?

When you're looking for a lovely escape in Southern California, this is one spot you definitely shouldn't miss.

While you're visiting, you should also check out this list of the best road trip ideas in the state. Who knows? Maybe you'll want to extend your stay.

Rockbound Oasis Retreat

Price: $760 per night for up to 5 guests; that's $152 per person before taxes and fees.

Location: Joshua Tree, CA (exact location revealed after the booking)

Why You Should Go: You can soak in a giant hot tub under the stars and relax in the ultimate desert oasis.

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