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This Stunning Albertan Hilltop Hotel Will Make You Feel Like You're In The Swiss Alps

Can't fly to Switzerland? It's the next best thing.

Just when you think you’ve uncovered all of Alberta’s hidden, scenic gems, you come across something like this. This Alberta hilltop hotel is not only blessed with the most awe-inspiring views and surroundings, but its impressive architecture may just transport you to the Swiss mountainside. The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton is the ideal place for you to destress, unplug, and feel at one with nature. 

As much as we love our futuristic, cutting-edge design, there is just something wholesome and irresistible about classic architecture that reminds us of our favourite childhood fairytales. 

The hotel is located in the hamlet of Waterton, which is a mere three-hour drive from downtown Calgary.

Situated just inside the Waterton Lakes National Park, this hotel will treat you to the most gorgeous views of the Rockies and the Upper Waterton Lakes. 

Waterton is known to be the wildflower capital of the country, so rest assured, you will have the most beautiful, colourful flowers blooming just outside your window. 

It also doesn't hurt that this hotel is completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Take a look at the photos and tell us you're not dying for a getaway to this dreamy hilltop sanctuary. 

The hotel's summer season this year begins on Friday, May 22 and ends on Monday, September 21. So you will have more than enough time to make your bookings for this year. 

Unfortunately, the hotel is closed during the winter season, which we Albertans know can be a long and unpleasant affair. At least there are plenty of other winter activities available for your choosing.  

The room prices depend on whether you prefer the mountain scenes or the lakefront views, but safe to say, you will be delighted with whichever room you end up picking. The entire hotel is in the heart of the Waterton Parks, after all. 

The Mountainside Standard will cost you $280 for the night, whereas the Lakeside Standard is about $290 for the night. The fifth and sixth floor standard rooms begin from $250. 

But the price is totally worth it when you can admire both the natural landscape and the exquisite European-style architecture in one setting. 

The hotel's restaurants include the Royal Stewart Dining Room and Windsor Lounge. You can also take part in the unique Waterton tradition of Afternoon Tea — inspired entirely by British food and drink. 

If that doesn't make you feel like a full-on royal, we don't know what will. Check out their menu to see what other delightful dishes they've got going on. 

The Prince Of Wales Hotel

Price Per Night: $250+

Address: AB-5, Waterton Park, AB

Why You Need To Go: Feast your eyes on the most wonderful mountain and lake views while feeling like you're in a Disney fairytale. 

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.