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You Can Cuddle Handsome Alpacas All Day With This Deal In Washington

Some of their hairdos rival Harry Styles. 😍

Whether or not we have a fluffy pet at home, most of us seem to have a soft spot for a certain handsome fellow. If you've found yourself Googling alpaca farm in Washington, your search ends here. We've not only found one for you, but there's a deal going on for a visit too. 

We spotted a Groupon deal for a thrifty way to spend a day with these friendly creatures. Cascade Rose Alpacas offers the ultimate cuddle therapy session at Carnation, a picturesque town at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

This offer costs $13 for one person, $25 for two people, $39 for four people, and $60 for six people — basically, the more friends that tag along with you, the cheaper it gets. 

As the camel-lid beings stand there making doe-eyes at you, you'll get to learn more about them and feed them too! According to reviews, there are over 70 of them on this farm.

They also mention that there isn't a time limit, meaning, you can perfect your selfie game with the 'pacas that seem to be naturals at it. 

Since these tours are very popular and tend to get filled up quickly, reservations in advance are highly recommended. They are open Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

If you're allergic to pet fur, no worries. Alpaca wool is said to be hypoallergenic! They also have a quaint, little store where you can buy humanely-sourced fare made out of this wool. Who knows? You can even pose with the alpaca it came from as most people do!

You can only buy two coupons per person and two more as a gift, making it the perfect treat for a BFF date. But it expires 120 days after purchase, so you'll need to redeem it fast.

We might not be able to take them home with us, but spending a day is good enough too, right?

Cascade Rose Alpacas 

Price: $13 for one person; $25 for two people

Address: 1826 324th Avenue NE., Carnation, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can cuddle alpaca all day at this farm for only $13.

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