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This Atlanta Dessert Bar Serves Massive Honey Toasts With Insane Toppings

Okay imagine — French toast, but dessert. Replace the syrup with all of your favorite sweet toppings, and pile it as high as it can get without it completely toppling over. Lucky for you, this dessert isn't just a fantasy — it's called honey toast. If you want to taste it for yourself, you have to go to this amazing Atlanta dessert bar.

You can take a visit to Snowflake Tea House in Duluth to make this dream a reality. They have some of the most extravagant honey toast around, and they can be topped with anything you can think of. From fruit and ice cream to cookies and candy, they really are a sugar-lover's dream come true.

You'll definitely want to check out the Chocolate Banana, which features chocolate ice cream, bananas and mini marshmallows or the Summer Breeze, which contains various ice cream flavors and tons of fruit.

If you really want to go all out, you can't turn down the Black Humor that's topped with chocolate ice cream, Oreos, marshmallows and candy.

Since there are so many different options to choose from, you may want to take a few of your friends with you so you can all share and get a taste of everything.

Just be warned: the servings are huge, so you may want to order less than one per person.

They also have plenty of other desserts for you to try if you're intimidated by the size of the honey toast. The crepes and the shaved ice cream are to die for, so don't pass up on those when you visit.

When you have a sweet tooth you just can't shake, this Duluth tea house is a must-visit spot.

Snowflake Tea House 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Asian

Address: 2180 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, GA

Why You Need To Go: Try the honey toast that's so huge it will put you into a food coma.

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