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This Botanical Garden Is A Hidden Paradise In Canada

The only garden of its kind.

Located in Chinatown, Vancouver this botanical garden is one of the most stunning hidden gardens in Canada. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, is the first authentic Chinese garden built outside of China, and is a must see. Despite being downtown, this garden transports you to China in the blink of an eye.

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Built in 1986, the garden was funded by both the Canadian and Chinese governments and built alongside the Landscape Architecture Company of Suzhou, China.  It was named in honour of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, known as the "father of modern China", who stayed in Vancouver on three different occasions while raising awareness and funding for the Chinese Nationalist Movement. He later became the first president of China.

The plants within the garden are similar to the ones in Suzhou, since Vancouver has a very similar environment. Furthermore, it took a year to complete and was built completely by hand- no power tools, screws, glue, were used in its construction. 

The botanical garden isn't the only thing found in the space, but it's also a museum, art gallery and simply a place for people to experience some surreal moments. It is open year-round, and the plants are placed to follow a seasonal route, meaning that fall plants are placed in the fall, spring ones in the spring etc. 

You can take a 45 minute guided tour, that takes you on a historical journey of the gardens and the significance of the spots within it; or go with the flow of this tranquil place with a self guided tour. 

For more information visit their website and make sure to add this to your bucket list of places to visit!

Source: Vancouver Sun